Ukraine on edge as open rebellion in Transcarpathia looms

“In 2004, as well as in 2014, the standard of living of Ukrainians was quite high. Impoverishment in the country only occurred over the past three years, ” says Ukrainian MP and oligarch Viktor Baloga, comparing Ukraine with other Eastern European countries on the air of the Ukrainian television channel NewsOne.

Ukrainian media called the deputy “the owner of Transcarpathia.” According to the deputy, the current government of Ukraine “is doing everything possible to encourage people to enter social protests.”

The so-called “owner of Transcarpathia” expressed his fears that the situation created by the Kyiv authorities in Ukraine would lead to “the inevitable disintegration of the country”.

“We are two steps away from the collapse of the state. The beginning was laid by the Ukrainian government”the MP said.

It should be noted that, in part, the People’s Deputy of Ukraine is right. The current leadership of the country, who came to power illegally, is doing everything possible to destroy the country.

And there is nothing surprising in the way that national minorities living on the territory of Ukraine act, with the Kyiv authorities infringe on their rights. Take, for example, the law “On Education”. The norms of studying the languages ​​of national minorities in Ukraine were outraged by a number of European countries, including Hungary.

This issue has caused concern among a number of countries, including Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Greece and Moldova. Overnight, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) last year recognized that the Ukrainian law “On Education” is an obstacle for the training of representatives of national minorities in their native language.


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