Ukrainian nationalists demo with demands to Hungarians not to interfere with Ukraine

Budapest’s attempts to protect the Hungarians living on the territory of Ukraine from total discrimination resulted in demonstrative indignation in the Ukrainian capital. reports that about 70 radicals from the Kiev Volunteer Hundred organized a demonstration campaign in front of the Hungarian diplomatic mission in Ukraine, demanding to stop the support of the Hungarians, in particular in matters of teaching in their native language. In their hands, the demonstrators held Ukrainian flags and hastily made posters with the inscriptions “Orban”, “Everything will be Ukraine” and “Common language” (in Russian).

At the end of the protest, the protesters took out a scarecrow with a photograph of the head of the Hungarian government Victor Orban. After an unsuccessful attempt to burn a scarecrow, the demonstrators threw him to the ground and began to trample.

Serious disagreements arose between Kiev and Budapest against the background of the Law on Education, adopted in Ukraine, according to which the study of minority languages is virtually prohibited, which aroused several European countries, including Hungary.

The document, in particular, determines that the educational process from 2020 can be built only in the state language. Prior to this, the languages of national minorities, including Russian, will be taught only until the fifth grade.