German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer will deliver on Monday an ultimatum to country’s Chancellor Angela Merkel over the issue of undocumented migrants, local media reported on Sunday.
According to the Bild media outlet, Seehofer, who is also a head of the Christian Social Union party (CSU, Bavarian sister party of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, CDU) will demand to find within two weeks a common EU-wide solution on entry denial for migrants already registered in other EU member states.

If the demands are not met, the interior minister is going to issue a ministerial decree ordering police to introduce border checks and send back migrants, who have not got asylum in Germany. 

According to the Welt newspaper, Seehofer said that he could not work with Merkel anymore.

CDU and CSU, traditionally allies, have differences on approaches to the migration policy, with the Bavarian party calling for stricter measures to tackle migration.

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