Russia not only coped with the Western sanctions, but also was able to move into a counteroffensive, gradually restoring its influence in the world. This opinion was expressed by the Chinese edition of “Hejiang”.

The “big counteroffensive” of Putin not only touched Britain and Australia, but also dealt with many US allies. Five countries (Germany, France, Japan, India, Turkey) even knelt before Russia, “the newspaper writes.

The author of the “Hejiang” recalled the recent demonstration of the newest Russian surface-to-air missiles S-500, which can hit targets at a record distance of 480 km. In addition, Russia’s armament will soon be supplemented by ballistic missiles of the Yar complex.

The newspaper also drew attention to the weakening position of the UK, which did not present any evidence in the “Skripal case”, as well as on the rapprochement of Russia with Germany, India and even Japan. The last event was named a consequence of the softening of Moscow’s position on territorial disputes with Tokyo.

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