On June 11, in German Bundestag parliamentarians will hold public hearings on the issue: “The state of freedom of speech and rights in Ukraine.” Elena Berezhnaya, Ruslan Kotsaba and other Ukrainian human rights activists were invited to speak on the sidelines of the German parliament.

It is worth noting that since the 2014 coup the issues of massacres against the unwanted, political prisoners, murders and beatings of journalists, as well as total censorship in the Ukrainian media have been raised for the first time at such a high level.

During the hearing, representatives from Ukraine were able to convey the truth about the regime established in the country after the overthrow of power to European politicians.

Thus, the lawyer and founder of the Odyssey Foundation for Legal Assistance to Foreign Citizens in Ukraine, Valentin Rybin, in his address noted that the Kiev authorities are rewriting not only history but also the present, calling the coup d’état of 2014 a “revolution of dignity”, and the nationalist regime a democracy.

“Ukraine declares the events of 2014 not as a coup d’état – and we need to talk about it from the legal point of view – but as a” revolution of dignity,” the human rights activist said in a speech before the parliamentarians in Berlin.

Speaking of “dignity” Rybin draws attention to the fact that we should talk about improving human qualities, improving people’s living standards, observing and guaranteeing their rights and freedoms: “Europe after all, as Ukraine seeks, has long realized that human rights are fundamental principles of the development of a democratic society “.

However, in Ukraine one can observe only frank disregard for human rights, the view of which can turn into an article on statehood, the overthrow of the constitutional order or participation in terrorist organizations without having “the ability under national legislation to obtain other preventive measures than detention,” continues the lawyer: “People have been in pre-trial detention for years, and the courts are not able to give them other preventive measures, regardless of health, social ties, status in this society. Nothing is taken into account. “

In turn, Ukrainian lawyer Yelena Berezhnaya drew the attention of European politicians to numerous outright violations of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights by Ukraine, in particular articles 6 (Right to a fair trial), 7 (No punishment without law) and article 13(Right to an effective remedy) 

Berezhnaya provided a number of examples of such violations – the arrest of the mayor of Slavyansk, Neli Shtepa: “On July 13, 2014, the Mayor of Slavyansk, Nelya Shtepa, was arrested, spending three years in prison on charges of treason and complicity to a terrorist organization, the case that four different Kharkiv courts could not prove her guilt in” 

The ex-MP of Ukraine Yelena Bondarenko stressed that Kiev cannot guarantee it’s citizens the most important of rights – the right to life. 

“The Ukrainian constitution guarantees a citizen the right to life, but does the Ukrainian government, the president and, specifically, the Ukrainian army guarantee the lives of those people who now live in Donbass? No, the Ukrainian Armed Forces shell the cities they call their own daily.” added the ex-MP 

“3.5 million people live in the region, people who never held a weapon in their hands in their entire life, people who work there, who raise their children and care for their elderly. These are the people Ukrainian army is shooting daily. Does Ukrainian constitution guarantee them the right to life when Ukrainian army violates that right every day?” 

Today’s hearings in the German capital have, for the first time, pulled the veil Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko and other Kyiv politicians hid their crimes behind, profiteering off their crimes while talking about the “European future” for the country and violating the principal human rights the rest of the world protects. 

The newest history of Ukraine is written in blood and soon, anyone will be able to read it.

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