Today, one of the most discussed topics in both Ukrainian and Russian politics is yesterday’s announcement of Avakov concerning the Donbass. Recall, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that the reintegration of Donbass is quite feasible with the help of a certain police operation involving only two thousand guards of order, after which necessary elections to local self-government will be held in the “liberated” territories.

This topic was raised in News Front agency’s studio. Political scientist, publicist, and the permanent presenter of the program – the head of News Front Konstantin Knyrik asked the Donetsk expert and historian Alexander Dmitrievsky what the statement of Avakov really means.

“If you take the figures that Avakov said in terms of the police contingent, his statement is a threat to Poroshenko.” In reality, there are two thousand policemen, when there are armies numbering tens of thousands of people, let’s say that the lemonade to an elephant,” the expert said.

According to the expert, Poroshenko is stimulated to take more radical actions in the Donbass by other politicians as well.

In addition, the expert said aboutcurrent AFU plans. As it turned out, the Ukrainian military specifically shell the water supply and treatment plants to create an environmental threat, blame the republic for this, and then demand the introduction of an occupational contingent into the Donbass. Dmitrievsky noted that the case is unlikely to reach the introduction of a peacekeeping mission, as Ukraine wants.

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