To whom it may concern: Ukrainian Buks in Donbass

The protracted investigation into the crash of the Malaysian airliner Boeing 777 flying MH17 was perverted to an incredible extent so that no sudden surfacing facts suddenly spoil the picture so pleasing to the west.

So, attempts to recover “facts” published back in 2014 that somehow could hint at the fault of Ukraine are very problematic, because many photo and video materials are simply withdrawn from the general access. And yet some materials dating back to the spring of 2014 can still be studied. In particular, some video clips taken by local residents show the Ukrainian Buk missile systems in the Donetsk region, near the town of Soledar, Kramatorsk and Yasinovatoy and other settlements.

In particular, back in March 2014, a huge amount of military equipment entered the territory of Donbass under the guise of exercises. So, the edition of “Kramatorsk News” wrote: “Anti-aircraft missile systems in Kramatorsk. Photo made by local residents the other day in Malinovka, Dunevka. SAM BUK as seen in one of the photos stand in the direction of the Kramatorsk airfield. According to available information, near the airfield, military Urals with trailers were seen. “

“Buk” air defense system on the territory of Kramatorsk, Donetsk region

Also on March 12, a local edition of “Orbit” posted a video. “A column of military equipment was passing through Krasnoarmeysk,” the newspaper wrote. – Today afternoon, along the street of Dnipropetrovsk a column of military equipment was spotted. Equipment was being shifted from Donetsk. A Buk can be seen in the photo.

“Buk” air defense system in the column of the Ukraine Armed Forces equipment in Krasnoarmeysk

A few days later, on March 17, a similar column moved from Dnepropetrovsk to the Yasinovatoy district, which was then under the control of the UAF. Eyewitnesses noticed the armored vehicles  at about eight o’clock in the evening.

“Buk” air defense system at the traffic police station in Yasinovatoy region

In the photo, published in the public domain, even the numbers of equipment are clearly visible. AA Missile System with the number 312, presumably on the tractor VOLVO FH12. The number of the car is AE4483NE, the trailer number is AE4568XO. AE on the car number means Dnepropetrovsk region. And given the location of the post on the map, there is a road junction in different directions, and the car could move both to Avdeevka and Pervomaiskoye.

Is it worth noting that at the end of June 2014 all Ukrainian media ranted on about how that for the first time they repaired a Buk-M1 without sending it to Russia for repairs instead. Video from the tests of the SAM even now can be found in free access.

The famous Chuck Palanik wrote: “If you do not know what to do next, always return to the beginning.” And the facts found in the “beginning” and which international “experts” even refuse to consider, suggest that the sky over the Donbas was defended by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Unfortunately, the situation where Russia can be not guilty is currently unacceptable to the West, as the history of the crash can serve the United States more than once in their attempts to isolate Russia. No one doubts that the “investigation” that was forgotten for a long time came to life just when it was profitable for the West, not only on the eve of the World Cup, but also at a time when Europe, having doubted the adequacy of the American leader after the case with the JCPOA