Protesters marched on Paris’ Champs-Elysees on Tuesday to denounce Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the French capital and to demand boycotting the France-Israel cultural season.

SOT, Abeer, Activist (French): “We are here to protest against the arrival of war criminal [Israeli Prime minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and to denounce the decoration of the France-Israel [cultural] season. We are indignant. We do not find it normal in France to welcome a war criminal like that, to pay tribute to a colonialist country, a country that massacres the Palestinian people, a country that does not respect the law, a country that deprives the Palestinians of all their rights, a country where the so-called ‘most moral army of the world’ fires on children, disabled, even nurses, on old, women. This is not normal. So we are here to say, no no no! We must cancel the France-Israel season. We shouldn’t pay homage to such a country, a criminal. Netanyahu should be tried for his crimes against Palestinians.”

SOT, Jean-Pierre Gresteau, Activist (French): “Macron went to CRIF [Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions] dinner where he was taking his orders and the French government is too involved in the economic aspects with Israel, he does not care about the Palestinians. Today they had to talk about Iran whereas in fact it comes for a cultural season in Paris. The subject is being devolved on Iran and the Palestinians are falling behind, as usual.”

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