In their ongoing trade dispute with the United States European countries now realize the need to mend fences with Russia.
Europe needs to join forces with Russia and China to effectively stand up to US pressure, Rupert Sternath wrote in Sunday’s issue of Suddeutsche Zeitung, underscoring the need for Germany work in sync with  the other signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

Sternath believes that Washington’s attitude towards Europe is unlikely to change any time soon and if Europeans keep kowtowing to the US, this attitude will only change for the worse.

“All the countries that signed the nuclear agreement with Iran, including Russia and China, should come together and if they do, other countries, such as India and those in Asia and South America, will join in,” Rupert Sternath wrote, adding that this also called for lifting sanctions on Russia.

The German journalist believes that achieving a fair balance of interests with Russia holds the key to a lasting peace between European nations. If such a balance is attained then the United States will have to reconsider its position whether President Trump likes it or not.

On May 8, Donald Trump announced that the United States was pulling outof the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran and was reinstating all previous sanctions, including secondary ones against other countries doing business with the Islamic Republic. 

Washington’s move has been strongly criticized by European countries which are considering retaliation.

“The Americans impose sanctions to force others to act in accordance with the economic interests of the United States,” journalist Todd Simpson said in a commentary to News Front.

“The Nord Stream 2 is an excellent example: the US wants to force Russia out of the vast European energy market, even though the US gas will cost 20-30 percent more”.

Another example is the recent US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. The Trump administration warned that European companies and banks could be held liable for secondary sanctions if they continue to hold business with Iran in accordance with the JCPOA Agreement.

“Again, Washington is deliberately trying to strain transatlantic relations in both cases.” Despite Merkel’s meeting with Putin in Sochi, Washington still continues to launch threats against Nord Stream 2 work,” the journalist claims.

“Here we see Washington’s arrogant disregard for European interests: the threat of sanctions against European business for legitimate participation in Iran’s nuclear deal and the threat to regional security are just two examples of how few people from Washington really care about the so-called allies.”

“Europe has a difficult road ahead, but it will receive much more from friendship with Russia than if it continues to follow the self-serving policy of Washington’s hostility,” the expert concluded.

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