UK is too soft on terror and so must change

UK is too soft on terror and so must change

Yesterday on the fifth anniversary of the slaughter of Fusilier Lee Rigby, in broad daylight on the streets of London, one of the monsters expressed his regret, admitted his crime and said he wishes to write a letter of apology to Lee’s family.
The Sun newspaper quoted a Prison source who said, “It’s an astonishing rejection of his extremist beliefs”.

I don’t know about astonishing. I would say it’s a transparent attempt by this savage, Michael Adebolajo, to inflict more harm on Lee’s family and a cynical attempt to get parole or a cushier prison than the special Jihadi wing he is currently on in Woodhill Prison in Milton Keynes.

The Prison source, who is clearly more liberal than Mr Barraclough in the TV series Porridge, is clearly deluded or been on the Kool-Aid if he believes this Barbarian can ever be rehabilitated.

Who can forget the sight of his blood-stained hands holding a meat cleaver and a knife, minutes after he had tried to behead Lee on the streets of London, as he shouted for passers- by to film what he had done whilst he quoted from the Koran.

Can you forget that he refused to recognise the court, kissed the Koran and demanded to be called Mujaid Abu Hamza?

Remember, after he was handed a life sentence he shouted Allah Akbar and fought with Police Officers as he was taken down.

In prison he has been regarded as one of the most dangerous extremists in the whole prison system which didn’t stop him launching a £25 thousand-pound compensation claim against Prison Officers, after he lost two teeth in a scuffle with them.

We indulged all of this nonsense, including the recognition of his preferred name and the compo claim that dragged on for years, funded by legal aid, until the savage dropped the case just before Christmas and now we are meant to believe he is a changed man?

Of course, there is little chance that Adebolajo will ever be released. Although with our soft justice system you can never say never. But of course, there would have been no chance at all if we still had the death penalty for such heinous crimes. Can anyone really justify allowing this man to live and continue this persecution of Lee’s family? 

However, there is another worrying aspect to all of this, as he is only the tip of a much bigger Jihadist iceberg which infests our jails and is about to be back on our streets very, very soon.

According to the Guardian more than 80 of the 193 prison terms issued for terrorism offences between 2007 and 2016 will run out by the end of this year. 

Hold on, whilst you digest that frightening statistic, because it actually gets worse. The actual number of terrorists released could, in reality, be much higher as prisoners are eligible for release after serving only half of their sentence in our soft justice system. So, life never means life and ten years always means five!

Amongst those up for release are the infamous hate preacher Anjem Choudary who Adebolajo was involved with back in 2003.

I love the fact the BBC are saying that Ministers are seeing this mass release of terrorists as a “concern”.

A concern? Well if it is a concern how about doing something about it you spineless amoebas?

To this tsunami of terror being released back on to our streets we must add in of course the fact that the Police and MI5 are running more than 500 live operations investigating at least three thousand “subjects of interest”.

Then let’s add in the 20 thousand people who we are constantly told live amongst us and hate us and could pose a real threat to us all!

Sorry I nearly forgot to add into the pot the 400 or more returning Jihadists who are fully trained in terror after being in Iraq and Syria.

Hey, but don’t worry because yesterday we held anther service to commemorate an act of terror, this time in London, where people effectively sang Kumbaya and held banners proclaiming “One year later London more United than ever, Turn to Love” 

Well I’m sorry to do the proverbial on their parade but I actually believe London and the UK are more divided than ever.

Home Secretary, Sajid Javid recognises this in his first keynote speech on security since he became Home Secretary and is warning there has been a “step-change” in the threat.

He says we will be under threat from Islamist fanatics for at least two years and he also notes the rise of far-right terror plots. He is right to do so.

But what should be more worryingly for Sajid and the government is the disillusionment and anger of the decent silent majority of this country who are not buying into this, “Kumbaya and we will overcome strategy” and want positive action.

This is a real clear danger to our society as these people are increasingly feeling marginalised from the Westminster bubble and could be radicalised themselves.

This is most acutely expressed in the fact that over 600 thousand UK citizens have signed a petition for Tommy Robinson to be released and see him as a political prisoner.

For the record I believe he was an idiot in breaking contempt of court laws but I do believe his voice and concerns need to be heard and that silencing them is only exacerbating the issue. The people who support Tommy are not far right or extremist but they are rightly concerned about their children and their own security whether it is from terror or rape gangs.

There is a feeling amongst many, that Islamist terrorists get treated with kid gloves, that sentences are way too short and the Prison service pander to their every need and whim.

People know that our jails are now becoming recruiting and training camps for jihadists and do I need to remind those who stood with their banners yesterday that one of the terrorists in the London Bridge atrocity was radicalised within the prison system?

Meanwhile we also have academics like Katherine Brown, a lecturer in Islamic Studies at the University of Birmingham, who says that British jihadis who have married and had children while fighting for Islamic State should be allowed to return to the UK with their families. 

Miss Brown also said Britain could deal better with the problems of Islamisation among young people by allowing them ‘safe spaces’ to talk openly.

She said current anti-terror strategies stifled debate because teachers had a duty to report comments made in schools!

Too right they have a duty to report aspiring Jihadists, you liberal clown.

Any UK citizen who went and fought or supported Islamic State is a traitor and should have no right to come back to our country and I don’t care if that means they are stateless or it abuses their human rights. I care about the human rights of British citizens to live in peace without fear.

The time for pussy footing around is over, people want change, radical change, and they want the government to fulfil its first duty which is the protection of its citizens.

So Sajid, forget the speeches and let’s have more positive action.


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