Protesters gathered in Rome, Monday, in solidarity with a migrant workers strike in Calabria held following the killing of Malian migrant Soumayla Sacko.

The protest was held in the central Santi Apostoli Square and was promoted by Unione Sindacale di Base (USB), the union to which Sacko belonged.

The protesters denounced the working conditions of migrant labourers in Italy, especially of those who work on farms. They also denounced the newly appointed Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini who said over the weekend that with him in government the “good times” were over for migrants.

“But what ‘good times’ are you talking about? We break our backs by working in tomato field, every day we carry many packages into the storehouses, we break our health for little money. The ‘good times’ should finish for you,” said a speaker at the Rome protest.

Sacko Soumayla was shot dead on Saturday, reportedly while picking up metal sheeting in an abandoned factory with two other men. They were collecting the material in order to improve the shacks in which they were living. While they were doing so, a man is said to have arrived by car and shot at the three men, killing Sacko.

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