After another attack on the Serbs in the province of Kosovo and Metohija – in the village of Kosovska Vitina, houses were pelted with stones- the Serbian Chancellery for KM issued a statement that this is not a series of isolated incidents, but organized terror.

But while Belgrade advocats peace, Serbia intends to protect its citizens and their rights.

“These attacks threaten our citizens, our state,” the report said.

At the same time, the Office noted the contribution of international missions present in Kosovo, saying that “those who need to take care of the security of all Kosovo and Metohija residents are silent or demonstrate an unacceptable reaction.”

Before the attack in Kosovo Vitin, only last week, in Kosovo and Metohija, a series of attacks on the Serbs and their property occurred. The attacks had a clear anti-Serb and anti-Orthodox character. For example, on the Feast of the Holy Trinity, the Albanians attacked Serbs praying on the ruins of a destroyed church, and a few days later the priest and his family suffered.

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