Hungarians of Transcarpathia do not have the right to learn in their native language says the head of the “Freedom” ultranationalist party Oleg Tyagnibok .

According to him, Hungarian minorities have no right to demand training in schools in Transcarpathia in their own language. The most they can do is organize Sunday schools and courses paid by the Hungarian government.

 “There must be a clear, consistent position on learning and studying.  In Ukraine, training should be done in the Ukrainian language. And no one has the right to force us to use another. If national minorities want to learn their own language there is no problem – they can create Sunday schools, church schools, the Hungarian government can finance whole courses separately. What problems? “, Said Tyagnibok.

Recall that due to the Ukrainian law on education, which implies the total “Ukrainization” of all school education in the country, the relationship between Budapest and Kiev deteriorated significantly. Hungary requires the right to learn in its native language for its compatriots in Transcarpathia, threatening otherwise to block Ukraine’s integration into the EU and NATO.

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