To prevent a dangerous behind-the-scenes strategy of drawing Serbia into NATO, it is necessary to confirm the military neutrality of the country at the state level, in other words, to introduce it into the Charter. This was the conclusion of the round table participants of the Center for the Development of International Cooperation in Belgrade.

Currently Serbia adheres to military neutrality on the basis of the Resolution adopted by the Parliament in 2007. At the same time, experts say, Serbia annually holds several times more military exercises with NATO countries than the CSTO, and the activities of non-governmental organizations and Western media in the Balkans are trying to draw the country into participating in disagreements with Russia, as well as with other major players: China and Turkey.

Analyst Branko Radun added that the Balkans are now interesting from the point of view of the possible formation of new geopolitical coalitions: Russia and Turkey, Russia and China, he said, possible different combinations beyond Washington control.

“Western forces want to reduce the influence of Russia, China. Geopolitical permutations are taking place in the Balkans. Montenegro has already been dragged into NATO, against the will of the public. If, on joining NATO, a referendum was held, nothing would have happened, but Milo Djukanovic’s authoritarian regime in Podgorica does not care. Now Bosnia and Herzegovina is being drawn into NATO to weaken Russia’s influence on the Serbian factor, and Turkey to the Muslim Bosniac,” the expert explained.

In conclusion, he added that all these arguments indicate that Serbia as a central state in the Balkans should adhere to neutrality.

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