Such provocations are perceived negatively in any civilized society, however, against the background of mass Russophobia, the Ukrainian authorities will be forgiven for their escapade, says the head of the “NewsFront” news agency and political expert Konstantin Knyrik.

Knyrik notes that “This kind of information fakery, is regarded as negative, and, of course, there must be consequences,” including with regard to official representatives, as it “takes real skill to screw up so much in such short time”.

At the same time, Konstantin Knyryk draws attention to the fact that “within the framework of this total Russophobia, a blind eye will be turned to this”

“Already now we see that the rhetoric of certain mass media controlled by the West saying “it was actually to catch Kremlin agents planning assasinations”, meaning they’re trying to turn attention away from the fact that such stunts only hurt their credibility”

The expert stresses that the situation with Arkady Babchenko is no different from other similar provocations directed against Russia, “therefore Ukraine will be forgiven, a blind eye turned to it’s escapades”

However, a significant number of journalists and papers who are now outraged by the actions of the Kiev authorities will now distrust Ukrainian news, “to disgrace the profession with these stunts is simply unacceptable” as Ukrainian media demonstrates, once again, that it works under full control of Ukraine’s state security, added Konstantin Knyrik.

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