Macron claims credit for Lebanon peace, praises himself

The French politician praised himself for successfully mediating a political crisis in Lebanon last year, claiming that thanks to him, the escalation of the conflict was prevented.

“If France wasn’t listened to then there probably would be a war in Lebanon at this moment as we speak. It’s French diplomacy, it’s our action,” Macron told the BFM TV broadcaster, visibly unhappy when asked about his achievements on the global stage last year.

Macron noted that his mediating role was decisive for the resolution of the crisis.

“I remind you that a prime minister was held in Saudi Arabia for several weeks,” he said, thus confirming publicly that the Lebanese prime minister remained in the kingdom against his will.

A political crisis erupted in Lebanon following Hariri’s shock resignation in November 2017 during his stay in Saudi Arabia. He remained in the kingdom for two weeks, sparking speculations about him being held hostage, which further fueled tensions between Beirut and Riyadh.

In order to prevent the escalation of the conflict, French President Emmanuel Macron talked to Saudi leaders and invited the politician to Paris for talks, where he warned other countries in the region against meddling in Lebanon’s affairs. After the negotiations were over, Hariri returned to Lebanon and revoked his resignation.


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