It would be quite curious if on the eve of football world championship the west wouldnt have tried to remind us of the MH-17 tragedy that occured in Donbass skies four years ago.

The astounding JIT press-conference last week have spawned new waves of outrage aimed against Russia and, unsurprisingly, new calls for sanctions.

Despite that, even the chief prosecutor of the Netherlands, Fred Vesterbeyke, who represented the investigation at this event, admitted that his team did not say anything new. All that has been voiced about the “guilt” of servicemen of the Russian 53-rd anti-aircraft missile brigade, has already been said in the reports of the notorious Bellingcat group, which was repeatedly caught fabricating long-reaching conclusions.

One particular piece of new information released by JIT, however, bears closer attention. According to the introduction by Vesterbeyke it was the chief reason for the conference itself.
JIT shown the journalists presents two new fragments – a deformed rocket nozzle and an engine casing in pristine condition. So pristine in fact that you can see the undamaged serial number on it.

While JIT cannot be said to be working as Russian military-industrial marketing team, it speaks volumes about quality of russian missiles if this is indeed the state that they’re left in after exploding 10 kilometers in the sky.

TheJIT briefing resulted in a massive undertaking by mass-media worldwide – the world finally had proof there was a russian missile!

But now, watch the hands! The problem is, there werent any missile fragments in the materiel evidence declared by investigation prior to this conference. All those years JIT was basing it’s investigation around the fact that the biggest surviving fragment was the deformed nozzle.

Even more curious that the nozzle was discovered only two years after the tragedy – and in the JIT’s press-release on the matter the nozzle was introduced as the biggest fragment.
Even on the official page of Netherlands prosecution, the nozzle was declared as the biggest piece and attributed to be a part of a Buk missile, right alongside an infosheet showign a buk missile… with a completely diffrent nozzile.

The commander of the Federal Police of Australia, Jennifer Hurst somehow hesitantly stated:

“JIT has already demonstrated a nozzle in September 2016. And you could see the casing mentioned in the report of the Security Council, “she said.

When asked to elaborate on which report, commander declined to comment and asked for the next question.

In the presentation of Hurst and the fresh report of JIT, the question of where the mysterious object came from is bypassed.:

“We found the nozzle and the hull in the east of Ukraine,” the reports say.

Moreover, the report contains a very inconspicuous phrase, which few people have noticed:

“At the moment it is still impossible to say with full certainty that both these parts are fragments of a missile launched by the Buk SAM, which belongs to the 53rd Brigade,” the document says.

That is, investigators are not even sure whether these elements are parts of the same missile!

The Moscow correspondent of the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph Alec Lun states:

“You would think that the missile engine casing found at the MH17 site with a serial number showing it was made in Moscow in 1986 would end all questions, but Moscow will no doubt claim Ukraine had those missiles as well & the photos of it entering Ukraine from Russia were fakes” the journalist said.


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