A group of Crimean enthusiatic enterpreneurs are preparing to launch “Tavrida.io” block-chain powered platform to allow for direct financing of Crimean projects despite sanctions and restrictions placed.

In general, the issue of the unequal position of the Crimea in the world financial markets in the field of attracting investments will soon be resolved, and the difficulties arising from sanctions are finally overcome.

The transition to a digital economy that will rely on the development of domestic scientific and engineering companies while also ensuring national cybersecurity is “crucial” according to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who gave instructions to develop a regulatory framework for it in 2017.

“Creation of a digital economy is a matter of national security and independence of Russia” said Vladimir Putin on the “digital future” of the country

Within the framework of this task, all regions of Russia are working today, but the Crimea well ahead. On May 8, during the 4th Yalta International Economic Forum, deputy head of the Council of Ministers of Crimea and the Permanent Representative of Crimea under the President of the Russian Federation Georgy Muradov said:

“There was an idea of ​​creating a blockchain in the region with the conventional name” Cryptocrym “. Of course, all this will give an additional impetus to the development of the economy of the region as a whole. “

According to him, the main task is the organization and regulation of a unique infrastructure for the development of high-tech projects in Crimea.

So, today the creators of the First Crimean blockchain platform have revelead their practical solution to ensure free investment of funds in the region.

The transparency of the distributed registry technology creates the conditions for trust and control over the invested funds. Tavrida platform excludes external influence and preserves anonymity for the investor until all restrictions are removed.

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