Ukrainian radicals threaten Hungarian minorities with deportation

Today in Uzhhorod (Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine) near the building of the Consulate General of Hungary, a rally was held in which representatives of the so-called “National Assembly of Patriots of Ukraine”, former participants of “anti-terrorist operation” and other armed groups took part.

This is reported by ukrainian newspaper UAInfo

Over a hundred Ukrainian nationalists protested against “Hungary’s interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine”, chanting threats and racist slogans  and demanding  that Hungarian consulate “immediately publish the lists” of all citizens of Ukraine who have Hungarian citizenship

In particular, in an address addressed to the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, they said:

“We demand that Hungarian leadership stops the shameful policy of interfering in the internal affairs of Ukraine and inciting ethnic strife. Provide full lists of Ukrainian citizens who violated the Constitution of Ukraineand have  received Hungarian citizenship. Hungarian government must stop conducting anti-Ukrainian policy on the orders of Putin. The Ukrainian language is the only national language of the Ukraine. “

It should be noted that on the night before the meeting, leaflets of the “Right Sector” have been distributed all over the city, with appeals to all Hungarians “to think about leaving for their historical homeland”, as well as appeals to conscientious citizens of Ukraine and patriots not to violate the Laws of Ukraine on dual citizenship . The leaflet says: “In Ukraine there is only one language – Ukrainian and a single Ukrainian citizenship. Individuals who feel themselves Hungarian citizens and have relevant documents, should think about resettlement to their historical homeland. “