The myth of “the Russian invasion of Ukraine and hundreds of tanks at the border” is nonsense. Russia fights perfectly well with military aviation, it doesn’t need to deploy “tank regiments” for “stealth strikes” says ex-head of Ukrainian interpol and ex-Rada MP Kirill Kulikov in an interview to PolitWera.

According to him, the conflict in the Donbass can not be solved by military means, therefore it is worth to search for peace at any cost, without hesitating to hold talks with anyone.

“People perfectly understand that today the concept of conducting military operations is completely different. This was demonstrated in Syria. People who are more or less versed in this know perfectly well that war isnt fought by tanks anymore – it is fought with aircraft.

And we, as it were, are preparing to repel a massive tank offensive. That in itself is a profanity and does not correspond to reality …

Unfortunately, this problem has already reached the stage where it cannot be solved by military means. If we were really conducting a so-called anti-terrorist operation in the region it should have been done in a few days top. But we stretched it for years,tripping ourselves on a massive number of legal pitfalls, so for today it is necessary to look for other ways to achieve peace.

And we must negotiate with whoever we can, for the sake of preventing additional deaths and reaching lasting peace.”- said Kulikov

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