The newly-inaugurated Kerch Strait Bridge will need no major overhaul within a century, CEO of Stroigazmontazh, the bridge’s general contractor company, Arkady Rotenberg said on Sunday.

“It will stay intact for one hundred year. At least. We guarantee that. Everything is done perfectly well,” he said in an interview with the Itogi Nedeli weekly news roundup on the NTV television channel.

He said he cared little about the Western sanctions imposed on him over his participation in the Crimean bridge construction project. However he lamented that the sanctions had told on his children.

The Kerch Strait Bridge’s motorway section was inaugurated on May 15. Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in it, driving the lead vehicle of the construction equipment convoy. The construction of the bridge linking the Crimean Peninsula with mainland Russia kicked off in February 2016. The construction of its railway section continues, its opening is scheduled for 2019. The bridge originates on the Taman Peninsula, runs through a five-kilometer dike area and the Island of Tuzla, then crosses the Kerch Strait and reaches the Crimean coast.

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