On May 16, a rally was launched along the Crimean bridge. Dozens of motorists, motorcyclists and bicyclists participated in the first trip, among them were the deputy of the State Duma of Russia Konstantin Zatulin and Alexander Zaldostanov (“Surgeon”) together with a column of Russian motorcyclists from the  “Night Wolves” club.

Formation of columns on both sides of the Crimean bridge began about three o’clock in the morning. At 5 o’clock the bike column began to move from Kerch to meet their friends from the Kuban.

On the whole path of the participants of the opening of the traffic along the highway section of the Crimean bridge were welcomed by the residents of the Crimea, the Krasnodar Territory and builders, who do not stop working on the supports of an open railway crossing yet. At 5:00 42 minutes the streams from Kerch and Kuban met, and at 5:58, that is, 21 minutes after the start of the movement, the Crimean column reached the Kuban shore.

After the reversal in the opposite direction at 6 hours 23 minutes the participants of the rally returned to the Crimean land.

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