Prime Minister Theresa May was told to “respect the will of the Scottish Parliament” after MSPs decisively refused to grant consent to key Brexitlegislation.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford made the demand during Prime Minister’s Questions as Tory MPs could be heard shouting “Shame”.

The Scottish Government motion, making clear that the EdinburghParliament “does not consent” to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, was approved by 93 votes to 30 on Tuesday night.

If no deal between Edinburgh and London can be reached, Westminster has the option of introducing the Withdrawal Bill against the wishes of the Scottish Parliament.

But Mr Blackford urged Mrs May to take the vote seriously, telling her that the Tories should not “veto the democratic wishes of the Scottish Parliament”.

He said: “The Conservatives are isolated and out of touch with the people of Scotland. Will the Prime Minister respect the will of the Scottish Parliament and work the Scottish Government to amend the Withdrawal Bill?”

Mrs May responded, telling MPs that the Government would be working with Holyrood on the issue.

She said: “We have been working with the Scottish Government for some time now as we have been working with the Welsh Government on this issue.

“First of all decisions that the devolved administrations are able to make before exit will continue to be able to be made by them after exit. What the Bill does is sets out a mechanism that respects devolution and lets us maintain the integrity of our own common market as we work out the long-term solutions. I think this is a reasonable, a sensible way forward.”

She added: “The Welsh Government and now the Welsh Assembly, including Labour and Liberal Democrat members of the Welsh Assembly, agree with that. I think it is right that we go ahead with measures that not only respect devolution but also ensure that we maintain the integrity of our common market.”

Mr Blackford responded: “It is very simple: the Tories are seeking to veto the democratic wishes of the Scottish Parliament, this is absolutely unprecedented.

“If this Government forces through the legislation without the consent of the Scottish Parliament, the Prime Minister will be doing so in the full knowledge that they’re breaking the 20-year-old devolution settlement.

“Will the Prime Minister reassure the House that the Withdrawal Bill will not go through without the consent of the Scottish Parliament?”

Mrs May again told the Commons that the Government had been “working hard to find a way through”.

She added: “We want to ensure the integrity of the UK’s common market and he might wish to recall the fact when he talks about the democratic will that it was the democratic will of the Scottish people to remain in the UK.”

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