Crimean activist likens opening of the Crimean bridge to repression against Tatars

Chief Editor of The “New Times” Yevgenia Albats likened the construction of the Crimean bridge with repressions against the Crimean Tatars, saying that, in connection with the opening of the bridge, the flow of tourists will increase, money will appear in the Crimea and “ghettoization and repressions against my fellow Tatars will cease” a view harshly opposed by others representatives of the Tatar people in Crimea

Another public figure, a prominent Tatar writer and legal activist Diana Kadi opposes the view presented by Albats, however.

“And again my people are a tool for political speculation. It is difficult for our liberals to criticize success, and the Kerch bridge is a legendary project, even the opposition recognizes that. And the oppression of the Crimean Tatars is one of these legends as well ” Crimean-Tatar writer and public figure Diana Kadi responded on her Facebook page.

For fairness sake, it is worth noting that the Crimean Tatar people are really the first beneficiary from the construction of the bridge: it’s no secret that most of my people work in tourism. There is no connection with the oppression and growth of the Crimean economy, as there is no acute struggle for land, which Mrs. Albats also stated in the air. To be more precise, it is no longer there, because with the advent of Russia, the Crimean Tatars finally received lands that Ukraine promised for many years,” the writer added.

“The Crimean bridge is not just a link between the peninsula and the rest of Russia, it’s a symbol of economic recovery, a solution to the problems of transport logistics. It is a symbol of a new turn in the history of our country. Russia creates, unites, and becomes stronger, and with this our Western “partners” and their servile critics need to come to terms. Let them get used to it, the bridge is only a beginning! And the tales of repression of the Crimean Tatars stem only powerlessness, “summed up Diana Kadi