Border breach: Journalist investigation reveals how Albanian and Kosovan migrants use fake IDs to cross into EU

Border breach: Journalist investigation reveals how Albanian and Kosovan migrants use fake IDs to cross into EU

Kosovan and Albanian migrants are “storming” the EU borders from Serbia, according to journalist investigation published by IU Observer.

Hundreds of Balkan, middle eastern and asian migrants illegally cross EU borders from Serbia and Romania report reveals.

The route through Hungary was disrupted by the border fence built in 2016, securing over 175 kilometers of Serbian border which prevented majority of illegal border crossing.
According to EU Border Control and Coast Guard Frontex, after the fence was erected illegal border crossings between Serbia and Romania have increased tenfold in the first six months of 2017 compared to previous year data.

Romanian border authorities have reported that from beginning of 2016 to march 2018 148 Kosovans and 95 Albanians have been detained over illegal border crossing

Romanian authorities have refused to release additional data on other ethnic minorities due to “political sensitivity” says report.

Personal Kosovan ID is only used to identify them, after which they are charged and deported to Serbia, unless they claim refugee status, in which case they are allowed to stay in Romania until the court reaches a personal decision on their case.

The fact that Serbia does not recognize Kosovo introduces additional difficulties in processing the migrants and their repatriation.

Meanwhile, Kosovan police claims that it does not cooperate with their Serbian colleagues on sharing the information about illegal border crossing and refuses to cooperate on these security issues.

The report reveals additional violation of law regarding usage of fake Serbian and Bulgarian IDs by the migrants. Three Kosovans were detained in Romania with faked Serbian passports have confirmed they purchased the documents for only 500 euroes.

In another case, police has detained two migrants with fake Bulgarian passports on a train bound to Switzerland. The migrants have claimed they bought IDs in Serbia for 2000 Euros.

“Almost in every case migrants travel without any sort of ID, except for people from Albania and Kosovo” says Romanian border police


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