Hungary to help Transcarpathia with thousands of doses of French vaccines

Indeed, the terrible situation with vaccines in Ukraine forces people to seek support from outside. Regions are doing everything they can to try and cover this extremely important sector of medicine. Especially there are not enough substances for childhood vaccinations.

Next week Hungary intends to transfer 36.6 thousand doses of vaccines to Transcarpathia, the cost of which is equivalent to 17.46 million hryvnia. The transfer will take place at no cost, as a humanitarian support.

A report on the forthcoming medical case appeared in the press service of the head of the regional administration Gennady Moskal.

All medicines will be sent to the regional department of the Red Cross for personal treatment of the regional administration in order to cover the deficit of the leprosy for vaccinations against measles and not only in the region.

The main missing vaccinations are felt by pediatricians, therefore Hungarian colleagues decided to support the region of ethnic Hungarians. It is reported that two types of substances will be transferred: 21.6 thousand doses of a five-component pentaxim vaccine, and also Transcarpathia will receive 15 thousand doses for vaccination, protecting against measles, mumps and rubella (PDA) M-M-RVAXPRO.

The substances are manufactured in France, certified in Ukraine, they can be used from the moment they are received.

In addition to Hungary, Kiev received 800 thousand doses of measles vaccine produced in Belgium. The substance is produced in France, certified in Ukraine, they can be used from the moment of receipt.