Romanian President Klaus Iohannis demanded resignation of the Prime Minister Viorica Dancila against the backdrop of the state budget deficit.

In April, the Romanian Finance Ministry issued a report saying that the deficit of the state budget reached 4.46 billion Romanian lei (some $1.14 billion) in the first three months of 2018.

“Mostly we have an unsatisfactory evolution of public finances. Dancila should resign in order to make place for responsible and competent people vacant, in this context it is obvious that [President of Romanian Chamber of Deputies Liviu] Dragnea and his people have no decision that could result in right and effective governance,” Iohannis said during a Monday briefing.

According to the president, the prime minister does not pay enough attention to the investment-related issues and the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) fails to tackle the problems existing in the country.

The ruling coalition nominated and approved Dancila as the prime minister of the European state in January. She became the first female head of the Romanian government.

This is not the first call on Dancila to step down voiced by Iohannis. After his April attempt, the opposition parties backed the initiative, however Dancila said that she had no plans to resign.

Within the framework of the Romanian legislation, a president cannot dismiss a prime minister, as this issue is within the competence of the parliament.

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