European journalists arrived in the Donetsk People’s Republic on the eve of the May 9 holiday. Correspondents from Bulgaria and France decided to see with their own eyes how the DPR marks the Great Victory Day. In turn, the correspondents of “Pravda DPR” spoke with their European counterparts, who shared their impressions about the Donbass and the capital of the Republic.

“In fact, I was going to visit the Donbass for a long time, but it happened this year,” says the journalist from Bulgaria Asya Zuan. “And I’m very glad that I managed to arrive on the eve of a big holiday, which is now of great importance as a reminder to the whole world about what we should not allow!”.

The journalist from France Emmanuel Schreiber told that he has already come to Donbass for the fifth time since the beginning of the war.

According to the French journalist, his Victory Day is not celebrated so brightly in his homeland, “they often recall the liberation of Paris in 1944”.

“But I’m very pleased that Victory Day is celebrated here. Here it is very impressive! And I want more Frenchmen to come here to understand what war is. We realized that we had to fight for every piece of land,” he said.

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