Moldova president: “We will not allow our history to be rewritten”

Moldova president: "We will not allow our history to be rewritten"

The Moldovan leader congratulated the population of the republic on the upcoming 73rd anniversary WW2 victory, noting that May 9 is a holiday for all mankind.

As Dodon wrote on his Facebook page, “May 9 is a holiday not only for the peoples of the former Soviet Union, but for all of humanity.” According to him, “on this day the most terrible war ended, which claimed tens of millions of lives.” There was no home, no family, which this war would not touch. “

“Our people will always be grateful to those heroes who, at the cost of their lives, have procured a peaceful sky for many generations, today these people live among us.” Our duty is to surround our dear veterans with attention and care, “Dodon stressed.

According to him, the Moldovan “people will never forget the feats of the Soviet soldiers”

“We will not allow anyone to rewrite our history for political reasons, for years to come, generations will be replaced, and our children and grandchildren will still celebrate Victory Day on May 9. Eternal glory to the heroes-winners,” Dodon said.


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