Leader of the “Unconquered France” party Jean-Luc Melenchon will celebrate Victory Day in Moscow. He stated this today, adding that he would join the action “Immortal Regiment” (in France it is called “the march of the immortals”).

“I am going to Russia on the anniversary of the victory of the Red Army over the Nazis,” Melenchon said at a press conference.

“It seems to me that now is the best time to show the Russian people a manifestation of brotherhood, sympathy, at a moment that means a lot in Russian history,” the leader of “Unconquered France” said.

“We are facing violence between Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, in this region of the world, and since some of these countries share borders with Russia, it is important to show that the world is not black and white,” he said. “The Russians are friends, of course, we have many disagreements with them, but we should never lose sight of it, despite the differences that exist between us,” Melenchon emphasized.

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