The head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky, has published a video statement.

On May 3, the director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky, published a video where the head of the “Right Sector” in Odessa, Tatiana Soykina, announced the future course of nationalists for establishing “a real Ukrainian order” in Odessa and throughout Ukraine. According to her, “Ukraine will belong to Ukrainians, not Jews.” To the latter, she used the nickname of representatives of the Jewish people in an offensive manner.

On May 2 in Odessa, on the anniversary of the death of 48 people four years ago in the fire in the House of Trade Unions, nationalists brought from all over the country held their marches. Hundreds of members of right-wing radical organizations, such as the National Squads, the National Corps, Freedom and the Right Sector, marched through the city, screaming nationalistic chants and chants.

“In the future, we believe and are confident that we will bring the real Ukrainian order both in Odessa and in Ukraine. Ukraine will belong to Ukrainians, not Jews! Not oligarchy. Glory to Ukraine! “, Says the head of the Odessa” Right Sector “during the speech.

Edward Dolinsky asks how they plan to implement that – in the form of Jewish pogroms or immediately physical destruction. Dolinsky also wondered whether there are law enforcement agencies in Ukraine to respond to such statements.

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