US to deploy an armoured brigade to Poland as part of Saber Strike exercises

us tank brigade on train

In the summer, the United States will begin to deploy an armored brigade to Poland within the framework of Operation Atlantic Resolve and Saber Strike maneuvers. This is reported by Defense 24.

It is noted that the armored brigade was permanently deploymed in Fort Hood, Texas. Now the brigade is transferred to Europe and will replace another brigade stationed there.

As expected, Europe will have a whole tank brigade – about four thousand soldiers and equipment – including about 90 Abrams tanks, Bradley combat vehicles, 18 self-propelled Paladin howitzers and various types of vehicles.

It is noted that last year the US and Poland concluded an agreement on the supply of Patriot systems, fire control systems for IBCS and radars. In November 2017, the US Department of State approved the supply of missile systems to Poland, and the corresponding contract was signed in March 2018.


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