Conservative MP and novelist Nadine Dorries who is heavily involved in criticizing the Labour party over alleged links to alleged Russian bots, appears to still believe that Russia is a communist country.
For anyone who has ever wondered whether some of the Tory criticism aimed at Russia or even the Labour party is based more on political opportunism and wishful thinking rather than wisdom and careful thought, Nadine Dorries MP has provided all the evidence you need on Twitter.

Dorries was energized online by now widely mocked claims from the Murdoch owned Sunday Times that Russian bots were behind the success of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party during the last election.  “Russians are trying to take over the world via Twitter and Facebook” she claimed. “1000’s of Twitter accounts promoting and liking Corbyn during the election, all Russian bots. The same bots that drove Trump into power“ Dorries went on claim on her twitter feed, going a few steps beyond what even this research from Swansea University claims, but probably not as far as one of her novels.

But her finest moment came when she responded to Labour’s John McConnell who had called the Sunday Times’ bots story a “classic smear campaign”. Dorries responded with “At least we all now know why Corbyn refuses to speak out against Putin/Russia. Big question is did he know his communist friends were helping him into power?”

This is an elected member of parliament, trying to become a voice criticizing Moscow and Labour, and she doesn’t appear to know that Russia stopped being communist almost 30 years ago. Question is, have the rest of her colleagues noticed that the wall came down?

Some of the responses to the Dorries tweet appear to show a little more knowledge of the situation at least.

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