Moldova: Chisinau struggles against the russophobe oligarch

The upcoming elections of mayors of Chisinau and Balti to some extent is a kind of referendum that will determine the level of support for the oligarch Russophobe Plahotniuc in these two cities.

The limited impact is of fundamental importance. Large cities are quite complex communities of citizens, and the work of the city government in such communities is always a top-level policy.

The flywheel of the Moldovan electoral system launched and twisted the entire Moldovan pro-Western political party to its full potential. It is unlikely to stop it, and the “Plakhotnyuk Padawans” gradually come to the depressing thought that they do not shine on honest and open political contests.

In Chisinau and Balti, where a quarter of Moldovan voters live, all the manipulations that are familiar to European integrators are not as effective as in other regions controlled by them. This is so obvious that some Moldovan media already use the hashtag #Plahotniuc_regime_free_zones

Today in Chisinau and Balti, Plahotniuc can only bet on his “political proxy” – the puppet candidates. In this regard, patriotic citizens of both cities should take into account the current realities in the political system of their state.

Choosing the future mayor, voters should be guided not by the pre-election promises of one or another candidate, but by the course that he already follows in his work.

The only true and by and large “salutary” for Moldova is only a course aimed at working closely with the incumbent President Igor Dolon and neutralizing the influence of the oligarch Plahotniuc.