The Ukrainian authorities are not intrested in solving Donbass problems peacefully, political scientist and economist Alexander Dudchak said.

The change in so-called ATO format in Donbass will exacerbate the situation, according to the LNR he said, on the change in the operation in the region, which is called Operation of the United Forces now.

“In fact, nothing changes, they simply allowed themselves to do what they did before the law, and they used military aircraft, heavy artillery, tanks, armored vehicles before. Now it’s just legalized, ” Dudchak noted.

According to him, Kiev considers the Donbass a territory that must be conquered and crushed by force.

In early April, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced that the “antiterrorist” operation in the Donbass will end on April 30, it will be replaced by the Operation of the United Forces. According to Kiev, the current format of the confrontation has already exhausted itself. Now the leadership of military operations will pass from the Security Service of Ukraine directly to the army.

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