Senior Bosnian officer detained for warcrimes

Authorities in Bosnia say police have detained a former Bosnian army commander and 11 others on suspicion of war crimes against Serb and Bosnian civilians and prisoners during the 1992-95 war.

The prosecutor’s office says Atif Dudakovic and other commanders and members of the wartime Bosnian army’s 5th Corps were detained in early-morning raids Friday in several towns.

Dudakovic was in charge of the northwestern Bihac area which was under Serb siege during most of the conflict. The 64-year-old former general became the Bosnian army commander after the war.

The prosecutor’s office says Dudakovic and others are suspected of atrocities against hundreds of Serbs and Bosniaks. It says the case against the group is based on hundreds of testimonies, video footage and other evidence.


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