ISIS threatens with attacks on planes in latest propaganda

ISIS fanatics have vowed to bring bloodshed to the skies with attacks on aircraft.

The terror group warned plane passengers ‘you will be easy prey’ in a chilling online poster showing what appears to be the inside of an aircraft cabin.

The latest propaganda was released on pro-ISIS internet platforms with the threat issued in English, French and Arabic.

ISIS was widely believed to have been behind the downing of a Russian tourist jet leaving the Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheikh in 2015 – killing all 224 people on board.

UK tour operators only resumed flights to the area – that travel over the nation’s Sinai region where ISIS has a foot-hold – this year.

The chilling vow comes as ISIS suffered yet another blow in the Middle East – where it has just three per cent of its captured territories remaining.

Security forces in Iraq have revealed they arrested a senior ISIS propaganda chief who was head of the regime’s radio station. He was captured along with three of his aides to the south of Mosul.

‘Security troops were notified that Islamic State’s Garallah Khairo Habash, who was the head of al-Bayan radio station, was along with three of his companions in al-Azaba village, south of Mosul,’ Cap. Khaled Walid, of Nineveh police command, said.

‘Fake ID cards with names of civil servants were possessed by the members. They were confiscated, while the members were detained at the operations command for investigations,’ he added.


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