Serbia marks the anniversary of the deaths of journalists from NATO bombing

NATO RTS bombign memorial

On the night of Monday at 2:06 it was exactly 19 years since NATO bombed the Serbian Radio and Television building, which resulted in the death of 16 journalists who were performing their professional duty. This happened on March 23, 1999, when the forces of the alliance bombed Belgrade and other cities of the former Yugoslavia.

Then NATO officials said that the strike was justified since the “the journalists worked for the Milosevic regime”

The investigation by special commission of the Hague Tribunal did not invite the Prosecutor’s Office to start a case.

In the Tashmaydan park, Belgrade, a monument was erected with a question inscribed: “What for?” on behalf of relatives and friends of dead journalists. They have been waiting for an answer for 19 years.

Last night the relatives of the deceased and current RTS employees, laid flowers to the memorial.