The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine prepares for the arrival of Petro Poroshenko in the Donbass with a provocation aimed at discrediting the Lugansk People’s Republic. This was stated by the LPR’s Ministry of State Security.

According to the representative of the department, information was received on the development of a special operation to conduct sabotage at the chemical enterprise of OOO NPP “Zarya” in the town of Rubezhnoye. The operation is being prepared by the command of the operational-tactical group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces “Lugansk”.

The aim of the sabotage is a blast at one of the warehouses of the enterprise where explosive substances are stored.

The command of the Armed Forces intends to blame the authorities and the armed forces of the Lugansk People’s Republic in the planned attack in order to contribute to the introduction of the so-called peacekeeping mission to the Donbass.

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