German Police

A mass planned evacuation took place early on Friday over an unexploded World War II bomb found near the Central Railway Station, local media reported.

The 500-kilogram (1,100-pound) UK bomb, which is currently being defused, was found at Heidestrasse street, after which police ordered all the buildings located within a 800-meter (over 2,600 feet) radius of the explosive to be evacuated, Der Tagesspiegel media outlet reported.

A number of buildings, including the Central Railway Station, Economy Ministry, Federal Intelligence Service (BND), and the Indonesia and Uzbekistan Embassies, were also evacuated.

​The evacuation caused disruptions in road and railway traffic in central Berlin. Flights were not canceled, but landing planes were told to avoid flying over the bomb site.

​Last week, German bomb disposal experts successfully dismantled a 1.8-tonne UK bomb found in the town of Paderborn.

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