Germany’s Die Linke: Situation in Syria like ‘a terrible sci-fi film’


“People may sometimes think what a terrible science fiction film it is,” Chairperson of Die Linke Sahra Wagenknecht said regarding the situation in Syria, during a discussion in the German Bundestag in Berlin on Wednesday.

Wagenknecht added that the film will definitely have the worst ending, if “the main character is [US President] Donald Trump.”

German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass said that Germany supports an independent investigation by the UNHRC to “document the current war crime”, which will serve as evidence later on in the legal procedure.

Meanwhile the leader of Alternative for Germany (AfD) Alexander Gauland said that Russia remains “the key to a better Syria.” “Let’s use it. We don’t have another key,” he added.

The AfD leader stated that the problem in Syria can only be solved through “dialogue with Russia and also with Assad.”