One America’s Pearson Sharp visited the war-torn town of Douma outside the capital of Damascus, looking for evidence of a chemical attack. However, residents there deny the claims of an attack, and say it was staged to help the rebels escape.

OANN’s Pearson Sharp was taken on a tour of Douma, the suburb where Bashar al-Assad’s regime allegedly launched a chemical weapons attack that left dozens dead and hundreds injured.

The U.S. concluded Assad’s regime was behind the attack, and that chemical weapons were used — and President Donald Trump used the attack as a justification for last week’s airstrike in Syria. But Sharp was in Syria to investigate: taken on a tour of Douma by Syrian officials, the reporter spoke with a number of Syrians who reassured him that Assad was definitely not behind the attack,.

 “We were brought to one of the neighborhoods close to where the attack happened. I spoke with a number of residents there, probably about 10 residents in that neighborhood…not one of the people that I spoke to in that neighborhood said that they had seen anything or heard anything about a chemical attack on that day.” he explained

Sharp went on to explain how his escorts showed him the “rebel headquarters” of Jaish al-Islam, the group that previously held control of Douma, with “entire rooms filled with mortars.” “It’s very shocking to see how much weaponry the terrorists had piled up in that area.”

Sharp went on to note that he spoke a 30-40 random people in another town and “consistently, not one person in the entire town that we talked to said that they had seen or heard anything about a chemical attack.” He continued that all the residents said that the attack was staged by the rebels.

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