A large number of anti-war demonstrations take place across the USA to condemn the missile strikes of the Western coalition in Syria in connection with the alleged “chemical attack” in the city of Douma.

Anti-war demonstrations were held in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Oakland and Washington one day after similar protests were organized in several American cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco.

President of the United States Donald Trump ordered to launch missile strikes against Syria. Saturday morning, the US, British and French armed forces launched a massive attack on Syria.

The Western coalition led by the United States threatened Damascus with a military operation in connection with the alleged “chemical attack” in the Syrian city of Douma.

Russia stated that the chemical attack was organized by militants in order to provoke further intervention in the conflict from the West.

Trump on Saturday announced the “fulfillment of the mission” and argued that it was not “able to have a better result.”

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