Milo Djukanovic announced victory in the Montenegrin presidential elections. According to preliminary results, he scored 53.9% of the vote. The second place was taken by opposition candidate Mladen Boyanic with 33.4%.

Thus, Djukanovic will be in power for more than 30 years: since 1991, when he received the post of prime minister, under the communist government in Yugoslavia. He was one of the initiators of the referendum on the separation of Montenegro (2006) and the accession to NATO (2017), which took place amidst mass protests.

Boyanic has already stated that he will not congratulate the winner on receiving the presidential post. According to him, the voting took place with a huge number of violations by the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), headed by Djukanovic.

As the portal IN4S from Podgorica reports, during the whole day of voting there were reports of violations during the election process.


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