Damascus pro assad rally

A spontaneous rally erupted in the center of Damascus in the Umayyad square in support of president Bashar Assad.

A Federal News Agency (FAN) reporter, Mohamed Zharboi, has been covering events in Umayyad square in center of Damascus, where a spontaneous rally erupted, with people professing their support of president Assad. The crowd is chanting slogans in supporto f the army and the president.

“We are here to show that we are not afraid. Our country can resist aggression, and the people for the army and the president, “said one of the attendees.

damascus pro-assad rally

This Saturday night, US President Donald Trump announced the beginning of airstrikes on Syria. French and British armed forces are also participating in the airstrikes against Syrian army.

According to US president, this attack was in response to alleged chemical attack conducted by president Assad in a suburb of Douma last week. Trump has noted that the airstrikes will continue until Damascus stops using chemical weapons.

As a result of the US airstrikes, numerous civilians have been killed and injured. Most of the incoming missiles were intercepted by Russian anti-air defenses.

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