Bulgarian expert and Doctor of international law, diplomat, Velizar Jenchev commented on the situation with the US accusations of Russia in Syrian chemical attack.

“The US war against Russia never ceased, even after the end of the Cold War”.

But after Vladimir Putin entered the Kremlin, and especially after his declaration that attempts to impose a unipolar world failed and the balance on the world arena is restored, the Americans realized that the “Gorbachev” era is over and Russia is a world player today.

The frantic desire of the London-Washington axis to strike Russia at once with two chemical compromising materials, first with the so-called attempt on the double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, and immediately after it and with a chemical staging in Syria.

But both cases haven’t got even a single evidence on Russia and the “Russian trace”.

It is logical to ask: are the Russian secret services so naive that decided to kill Skripal with something with an inscription “Made in Russia”?

And where, in fact, are the bodies of Douma chemical attack victims?

Are we still witnessing a repeat of the 2003 Iraqi scenario, when the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and US Secretary of State Colin Powell assured us that Saddam Hussein has a lethal chemical arsenal that makes the war in Iraq necessary?

The problem of the “hawks” is that Russia is neither Iraq nor Libya, who fell victim to Western aggression after a rabid propaganda campaign to discredit the legitimate state leaders of both Arab countries.

The problem of the West is that Putin is neither Saddam nor Gaddafi, and has nothing to do with his predecessor, Yeltsin, who was making capitulatory compromises with Washington.

In fact, Donald Trump, is in the bait and hands of the “hawks” who want to remove him from the White House with a compromise about “Russian interference in the US elections.”

Donald Trump’s threats of Russia, Syria and Iran are very much reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s air war against Yugoslavia.

Over the past 3 years, Moscow’s active Middle East policy has led to the defeat of jihadists, built the impossible political axis “Russia-Turkey-Iran” and strengthened the Russian military presence in Syria.

And this is an obvious defeat for the Western masters of the Middle East, which provokes the actions of the US and its allies.

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