Miroslav Lazansky

During the aggression against Yugoslavia in 1999, NATO have also used the method of combating economic competition: it bombed those Serbian industrial enterprises that represented competition to American firms, writes authoritative military political analyst from Belgrade Miroslav Lazansky in his article for Sputnik . 

“The West does not have the courage to stage war against Russia with bombs and missiles, as was done against Serbia in 1999, but now different methods of propaganda, psychological and economic war are being used against it,” the expert said.

“America and its allies are waging a hybrid war of maximum strength against Russia. The talks about the poisoning of ex-GRU colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia just began to subside as appeared a story about the alleged gas poisoning conducted by the Syrian army against extremists in the city of Douma, in Eastern Ghouta.

Moscow has no sense to kill the former GRU colonel, when he was condemned long ago. And right now someone in Moscow suddenly thought to take revenge on him? There is no logic. Similarly, there is no logic for the Syrian army now to use chemical weapons, when extremists in Douma were on the verge of full surrender, because everyone knows, including the authorities in Damascus, what reaction this can cause in the world and in the West.

Moreover, a month ago Moscow warned that extremists in Douma would try to arrange a provocation with chemical weapons, and that they would condemn Damascus and Russia. Such warnings were published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the General Staff. And now this happened.

Footage with children in Douma, where they are poured with water for decontamination, look strange to me, because a person does it in a usual bandage on his mouth, without a protective eye mask and a protective suit, while the children’s eyes are not red. I saw no footage of the decontamination of adults, only children, which clearly indicates the psychological propaganda background. Probably, chemicals still can work only on children and “avoid” adults.

I already saw such a story when I was in Aleppo before its release from the terrorists. As soon as the terrorists in Syria face a major defeat, immediately the Western media start to talk about the chemical weapons that Damascus with the support of Russia allegedly used.

Now the newsbreak on chemical weapons in the suburbs of Damascus should warm up the Skripal’s story in London. The fact that terrorists from Eastern Ghouta for years have shelled Damascus with missiles and mines, is not enough important for the Western media.

Lazansky recalls that Russian air defense in Syria has been put on alert, and General Gerasimov has warned Americans that a missile attack on military targets in Syria, where Russians are located, will be followed by an answer, not only on the missiles themselves but also on the missile systems. To date, this is the most serious warning of Moscow.

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