Pantsir 1S/Sa-22 Greyhound

Russia has supplied Syria with over 40 SA-22 “Greyhound” anti-aircraft systems to defend against air attacks, a source in the Defense Ministry told RIA Novosti.

Ther source said that they were exported, not supplied from the military department

Tge Tifor airbase(T-4), located in the Syrian province of Homs was attacked with a missle strike on monday night. According to the Syrian media, it has left a number of people dead and wounded.
The Russian Defense Ministry reported that two F-15 fighters of the Israeli Air Force fired at the base with three missiles making it to the target and the remaining five were shot down. Israel has not yet commented on the report.

SA-22 “Greyhound” was designed to provide point air defence of military/industrial/administrative installations against aircraft, helicopters, precision munitions, cruise missiles and UAVs and to provide additional protection to air defence units from enemy air attacks employing precision munitions especially at the low to extremely low ranges.

SA-22, built on the chassis of the truck for greater mobility, carries two 30-millimeter guns, each capable of firing up to 40 rounds per second, as well as 12 anti-aircraft missiles.

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