Kosovo openly threatens Serbia with weapons, thus calling for war and hatred, says the head of the Serbian Chancellery for Kosovo and Metohija Marco Djuric in response to the words of the president of the unrecognized republic, Hashim Thaci.

“We will respond to the threats from Serbia just like 19 years ago – with weapons,” Thaci said Monday.

Djuric said that Thaci once again showed that the purpose of his political activities is the creation of the so-called “the great Albania” in the Balkans. Talking about non-existent threats, allegedly emanating from Serbia and Serbs, Thaci threatens with weapons and provokes a new war, the Serbian minister believes.

“Serbia wants peace, economic development, free movement of people, and we leave war and threats with weapons in the past, where Thaci belongs to,” Djuric said.

“His destructive actions threaten the entire region and Europe,” he stressed.

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