The US administration has imposed sanctions on 189 Russian-related individuals and entities as part of various sanction programs since Donald Trump became the US President, a senior administration official told a video conference.

“In total, this administration has designated 189 Russian-related individuals and entities under our various sanctions programs,” the official said.

In particular, 136 individuals and entities were sanctioned under our Ukraine-Russia-related sanctioned authorities.

“These sanctions are in addition to our recent cyber action, which sanctioned five entities and 19 individuals for their role in conducting destabilizing activities, including interference in the 2016 U.S. election,” the official said.

“We have also led efforts to hold Russia accountable for specific actions, including our sanctioning of Russians targeted for activities related to the North Korea program, transnational criminal organizations, our Global Magnitsky program, and the Sergei Magnitsky Act,” the official added.

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